Groups for Mentor-Mentee Programme:

  • Arts Students Group
  • Commerce Students Group
  • Science Students Group

The Role & Resposibilities of the Mentor

The faculty is actively involved in a personalized mentoring process for first year students. Each faculty is assigned the role of a mentor and is expected to counsel, maintain discipline and motivate their mentees. The mentoring process works at three levels – personal, academic and for the professional development of the students.

 The responsibilities of the mentors: 

  • Ensuring overall integration of the student with the program – academically and psychologically.
  • Counselling and motivating the students.
  • Managing discipline & conduct related issues of the assigned students group.
  • Attendance waivers under exceptional circumstances to be communicated to the Principal.
  • Mentors should make sure they spend time with their mentees in order to enable them to understand themselves better and be better prepared for the interviews.