Department of Commercial Art

Commercial Arts it is mainly a practical course, with specialization in painting with eyes on meaningful educational reforms and clinging to quality in work and deeds, the department marches ahead in academic, cultural activities and various level of Youth Festivals and Competitions.

An excellent infrastructure for the students provides creative environment which helps in blossoming the talent of students. Students get knowledge about different textures, techniques and color mediums which further help them to improve and exchange their inner abilities. The student of commercial art have job opportunities in the following fields :-


  • Creative Director
  • Professional illustrator or cartoonist.
  • Set Designer
  • Art instructor
  • Freelance Artist
  • Art Director and Visualizes
  • Painting Artist
  • Interior Designer
  • Work with advertising agencies
  • Design Consultants
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities like setting of personal studio for handling outstanding work and opening of training centre‚Äôs in the field of Painting and applied art.

Department of Commercial Art:-

  1. Mrs. Saloni