Department of History

History is Unique Knowledge and it is the story of the achievement through deeds performed by men living in society.

The Department of History right from its beginning is getting overwhelming response from the students. The department of history offers outstanding undergraduate & graduate program. The department strongly encourages all students. The department organizes the following activities on regular basis.

  • Celebration on different historical days.
  • Cultural activities for encouraging students.
  • Inter class quiz competition.
  • Group discussion in class.
  • Essay writing, poster making presentation by the students on various topics.

The teachers of the department are specialized in all the areas. Teachers from our department are making important contributions to the development of this field. Teacher regularly helps the students. History is a wide Knowledge, which cannot be ended, it increase time to time. It influences our life and society.


Department of History:-

  1. Mrs. Rajni Gupta
  2. Mrs. Anu Bala